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An Update on Melody and Alex & a Challenge for You

Melody was moved to the ICU on Tuesday and was put on the ventilator. Please keep staying positive as Melody would want you to be. We are all praying for her and believing for the best outcome. This is the latest update we have on Melody. Alex is stable and maintaining where he has been for a few days. He is still on 60 liters at 90%. We are staying positive that she and Alex will pull through this. That's the only way Melody would want us to think.

No pressure at all, but if you would like to contribute to Melody and Alex's Go Fund Me to help relieve the stress of medical bills, here's the link -

We are already so blown away by the outpour of support for Melody and Alex! Thank you everyone who has contributed money, sent prayers, love, and light!


We often have the want to craft but just don't know what to make, so Melody will be having a new crafting challenge each month. Doing these challenges will open up your creative side.

These challenges are going on in Melody's Cricut Design Space facebook group. If you're not a member yet, join here -

Your FEBRUARY CHALLENGE post should include: The hashtag #cricutchallengefebruary in a your own post in the group I linked above.

Valentine's card that includes: [ ] Cardstock [ ] Gnome (Melody loves gnomes) [ ] Hearts [ ] An embellishment of some kind, could be ribbon, gem, button or anything you choose. [ ] Drawing, foiling, or embossing

Please share pictures of your projects and post at anytime, you can do as many as you like. Remember we are our worst critics! You will be inspiring others even if it’s your first project ever.

Some Videos for You!

With Melody unable to make new content, we'd like to keep her views up on YouTube. Please feel free to choose a playlist or two and watch during the day or whenever you're able to. Melody misses creating new content for you, but I'm sure she'd appreciate you check out her older stuff :) Cricut Design Space Classes 2021 -

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