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Cricut Infusible Ink Markers and Scraps projects!

Alex and I will be creating side-by-side during tonight's Thursday night live! We will be using Cricut's Infusible Ink pens and some scraps to create something fun. Here's a picture of what I did last time mosaic paw print. This time it will be different.

We will be live at 8pm ET at this link - If for some reason you can't make it live, no worries. My videos are always available at the same links to replay.

Hope you're able to join in! This is a great way to use up your Infusible Ink scraps so they don't go to waste and it's a lot of fun to see the final project. I'm having my Cricut draw out a flower for me to use. I'll share the file with you. We'll have a regular Cricut pen draw the outline and then we will fill it in with Infusible Ink pens and materials and the Cricut pen outline wont transfer.

See you tonight!


The files are here on under the type: Infusible Ink! You'll be prompted to put in the current password. Here's a link - Here's the names of the files: Outdoor Scene Drawn for Infusible Ink Scraps & Flowers Drawn for Infusible Ink Scraps


Cricut -

Infusible Ink products -

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