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Cricut Tee Pee Cards!


This might look complicated, but don't let this picture fool you, it's really easy! So many have asked for more videos and tips on the foil so I will be cutting out the project and putting it together live! If you don't want to foil, or don't own the tool yet, you don't have to. I have two files. One says FOILED in the titles and the other says drawn. There's a also a blank card made with free shapes so you can bring in your creativity and design your own.

These cards fit in an A2 size envelope or if you add more extras on the card, I'd use a 5x7" envelope. Also, the silver lines of foil you see in the picture are hidden in the layers panel and require the 12x12 foil sheet. If you don't have that size, I did them individually so you could use the smaller foil.

Watch and chat here -


You can find these three files on on the Supporter Projects tab. You'll be prompted to put in the current password (found at these links:

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Cricut machine -

Cardstock -

Foil -

Glitter cardstock or foiled kraftboard for circles -

Velcro circles to make the tree 3D -

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