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Gift Bag Holder Gift Bag Card with Cricut

Want to give a gift card and make it a bit more personal? This is perfect for that! These cards not only hold a gift card, but have a sentiment on them. And not to mention they're adorable!

I made one for Christmas, one for Birthdays one for Celebrate, and one for a Thank You. I hope you enjoy these gift bag holder gift bag cards as much as I do!

I'll be live tomorrow at 12pm ET!

Watch and chat here - (don't forget you can set a reminder on youtube)


You may recognize these from a couple years ago. I updated the old ones to have the bow I made for these.

These files are on on the Supporter Projects tab. The Type is: Gift Bag Cards and the Themes are: New, Christmas, Birthday, and Thank You. The current password to access projects is shared with Supporters on

Here are the names of the files so they're easier for you to find:

Gift Bag Card - Christmas

Gift Bag Card - Thank you

Gift Bag Card - Celebrate

Gift Bag Card - Birthday

These are only the new ones! The old ones are on there too!

SUPPLIES: (you can use whatever you'd like, this is just what I used)

Organza Ribbon -

Glitter Cardstock -

Sparkle Paper

Foil Embossed Cardstock

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