Giveaway and All Day Crop Tickets Released!

AHHHH! You guys, I am SO excited about our ALL DAY Virtual Crop on November 7th!...and September's giveaway...

Who's invited?

EVERYONE! My supporter community was/is able to get tickets (at a discounted price) before the public because there's a limit to the amount of participants. The tickets are up for grabs for EVERYONE starting Thursday at 6pm EST. Tickets can be purchased here on my site, (the page to purchase tickets is currently password protected and accessible to supporters only until Thursday at 6pm when it's open to the public. Full price tickets are $35 for 13 hours of fun and supporters get a discount:

  • Supporters save:

  • $35+ Supporters 50% off their ticket

  • $15+ Supporters 30% off their ticket

  • All other Supporters 10% off their ticket

Become a supporter here to save on your ticket -

What's happening during the Crop?

  • 13 hours of fun!

  • $1000 value in prizes & giveaways

  • Printable schedule for 4 different time zones

  • 4 projects with Design Space cut files