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Halloween Mugs with Cricut MugPress - Layering Infusible Ink and Writing

Happy Thursday!

Alex and I will be showing you how to add more color and character to your mugs during tonight's video! We'll be using pens and layering infusible ink. Keep reading to see the projects!

Live at 8pm ET! Watch here -

The one below was designed and colored in by Alex and mirrored and drawn with the Cricut. We drew on laser copy paper!

Infusible Ink Pens & Markers -

Laser Copy Paper -

Mug Press -

Mugs -

Heat Resistant Tape -

We'll be showing you how to layer and do slice and set on this one! The grey area is going to be from the Galaxy Infusible Ink sheets but you get to choose which sheet during the live video! The pumpkin with be tangerine infusible ink and the cat with be black infusible ink.

Galaxy Infusible ink -

In this one, I'll be showing how to draw right on the infusible ink sheet and tape on individual images! I'll be using the orange sheet from the Splash Pad Infusible Ink set.

Bright Bow Fairytale -


These files can be found on on the supporter projects tab and are available to supporters on

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