I cannot believe this price! This is THE lowest price of the DreamBox EVER! PLUS a free gift from me if you use my code! The price of the DreamBox is going up July 31st so they are having a huge 4th of July sale starting TODAY a 1pm if you use my codes (We have access to the sale 1 hour earlier!) I will be live at 12:45 today to answer any questions and help you get what you need! Watch and chat here - https://youtu.be/xeRhWV2V3k4

SHOP HERE: Don't forget to use my codes to save AND get a FREE enamel pin! - US: 15% off DreamBox with code: HAPPYSTARS https://bit.ly/2YxCeR2 - 20% Off Accessories, Dream cart, & Sew Station will be HAPPYFOURTH - 15% off New Cubby with code: HAPPYCELEBRATE - Canada: 15% off everything with code HAPPYCANADA https://bit.ly/3hxrFou

To get your pin: Email me melodylanedesigns@gmail.com your order number, the code you used, your mailing address, and what pin you'd prefer.

Check out this post to see my review of the DreamBox -https://www.melodylaneinspired.com/post/createroom-dreambox-review-info-organize-your-craftroom-discount-codes-melody-lane

Use my Code: HAPPYSTARS on you DreamBox and receive one of these enamel pins!

Have you seen their new Cubby?! You get 15% off this! Use this code: HAPPYCELEBRATE SHOP HERE: https://bit.ly/2YxCeR2

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