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Valentine's Day Cube!

Here's a 2019 Valentine's Day throwback!

Melody has always loved this cube! It's so cute and has a lid and a slit at the top so you can put cards in and easily take them out.

You could use this for your kid's school Valentine's Box, or even for your family for everyone to put in something they love about each member of the family. Plenty of ways to use this adorable cube this season.

Melody suggests watching the video before you cut out the project so you know what each piece is.


The files for this project can be found on on the Supporter Projects tab. Supporters on have access to this file and 1,100+ others!


Poster Board -

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Make sure to share photos of your finished project on social media and tag #MelodyLaneInspired so we can be sure to see it! This also enters you to win Melody's weekly giveaway!

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