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 I have always considered Melody Lane the “Queen of Cricut.” Over the years I have made many of Melody’s wonderful projects available to those that support her on Patreon. The library of projects is vast and many are unique. Being a Patreon of one that shares her immense talents is an honor.”

–Christine Rosenberg Kaye

What is Melody Lane: an inspiration, an awesome teacher, a good friend, a motivation for many lives - kind, caring, the absolute best. You get files, tutorials, special hangouts, an insight to Melody Lane on a personal level for a very small monetary amount."

–Terry Gelsinger Green


Melody Lane is a very patient teacher and also inspiring.  I have learned a great number of crafting ideas and tips from her videos.  It's like she is a close friend I can contact when I need help or answers to questions.”

–Mary Ann Kilpatrick

I know I just joined, but I just have to say a big thank you so much for all you do for us supporters. This is amazing and I'm so glad I found you.”

–Holly Jones

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