3D Diamond Boxes - Valentine's Edition!

How cute is this Valentine's 3D Box Melody designed?! She made it out of free shapes so you don't need to be an Access member or buy any images to make this! There's also a few different sizes you can make too!

Valentine's Day is write around the corner and these would be perfect for candy, stuffed animals, whatever!

Watch Melody's tutorial from 2018 here - https://youtu.be/hMKtxyI7aSQ


These files can be found here on melodylaneinspired.com on the Supporter Projects tab. You'll need the current password to get into the Supporter Projects. The files can be found under the Type: Valentine's Day! The current password is shared with Melody's supporters on patreon.com/melodylane It's only $2 a month for over 1,100 Cricut projects!


Cricut - http://shrsl.com/1wphb

Cardstock - http://shrsl.com/38m49

Glitter Cardstock - https://shrsl.com/34h29

Glue - http://bit.ly/2sz8H7m

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