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3D Peacock with Cricut

This 3D peacock Cricut project has been available to my supporter family for a while now and I hadn't made it yet. I've been loving looking through old projects since the site launched and it's really inspiring me. SO, I finally got around to actually making this peacock project! It's so cute and easy! Who knew having a new site created would help me start creating more? Lol hopefully it has the same affect on you!

Looks like the Peacock made a friend!

Today's tutorial starts at 12pm EST!

Watch and chat here -

The Peacock Design Space file is here on under Supporter Projects. Don't forget you need the secret password to access the projects page!

Here's some links to the products I'll be using:

Glue Gun Mat -

Glue Gun -

12x24 Mats and Cardstock -


Just a reminder to share images of your projects to our Facebook groups and tag #MelodyLaneInspired! I do a $25 giveaway every Wednesday and you could win next!

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