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I've been trying to find the words, but no words seem right. The world lost a very bright light in the world today. My sister, Melody Lane, transitioned to her eternal sleep at 3:22 am Vegas time this morning. Alex was able to go be with her for an hour and a half before her transition and we are very thankful for that. We are all completely heartbroken and time just seems frozen. My whole family would like to thank you all for the outpouring of love and prayers they both received. We felt just how much Melody & Alex were cared about. I had been keeping screenshots to show her all the love yall have posted so when she woke up I could share it with her, but she sees it now. Melody truly has the most wonderful people around her, seriously, from her followers to her admins. She was forever grateful for you all! You know in all the sadness Melody would be telling us to find the positive as there is positive to find in every situation yet sometimes you have to look really, really hard. So we are trying to do that. We will be keeping her Melody Lane Inspired going as it is not only her passion that she worked over a decade to build, but a family business with Alex and I working for her. We had talks of big things we were going to do when they got back from Vegas. We are going to keep those dreams alive. We just need to take a break momentarily and ask that you allow our family some time to heal before getting back to continuing Melody's dream. Now for the good news (there's that positive we have to find), Alex is getting released tomorrow!! Yay!! They will have him on oxygen for a few more weeks at least. My parents will be there tomorrow to be with Alex. Then I fly in the following week to be with Alex before he travels home so he can build up some strength. Please continue to cover Alex in prayers, love, and light as it is understandably a very hard time for him and we still have to get him back across the country. I will say though he is amazing at carrying his Mom's positive attitude. I always say energy is contagious, positive or negative, so go out there and spread the positive energy the Melody way. That's what she would want. From Melody's son, Alex, my parents( Suzette Gibbs-Boldwin, Tom Boldwin, Dave Schneider, Christine Leadingham Schneider), her siblings (myself, Holly and Dave Schneider) to her nieces and nephews (Connor Klien, Madison Klien, and Samantha Schneider) and also her assistant Kali who has been a huge part of Melody's life for the past 6 years, we send our thanks. Thank you for loving our Melody soo much!!! We have a pretty amazing angel watching over all of us now!

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