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Arabesque Ornaments with Cricut

Christmas ornaments, anyone?! I've got lots of Arabesque ornament designs for you. There's even more in the files than the picture shows! Lots of ways to mix and match. You can customize your colors, with names, and embellishments too.

I'm also making a shaker ornament!

These are made with Basswood or Chipboard using the Knife Blade and Cricut Maker. But no worries if you don't have a Maker/Knife Blade. You can use Poster Board or Kraftboard.

I'll be live at 8pm ET tonight to show you how to make some of these!

Watch and chat here -

In the picture with the mat, you'll see how I placed the ornaments. Make sure you put them where the wood is because Bassword is only 11x11. You need to use a purple strong grip mat and tape it down. Mine was cut all the way through on the 12th pass of the 14 passes the machine wanted to cut, so keep an eye on it.


These files can be found on on the Supporter Projects tab. There are six files. The easies way to find them is by searching, Arabesque. The Type is: Ornaments and the Themes are: New and Christmas. The current password is shared with supporters on


Basswood or Chipboard with Knife Blade and Maker -

OR if no Maker, use Poster Board -

or Kraftboard -

Cardstock -

Glue -

Acetate -

Christmas Shaker Sprinkles -


String or Ribbon for hanging

(affiliate link)

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