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Arteza Watercolor Cards & Postcards

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hey Crafty People!  Tonight's Thursday night live is for everybody, not just artists. Me and Alex are using watercolors, but we are not artists! We use the power of Cricut to help us make pretty things. Arteza came out with these awesome watercolor cards and postcards and they're the perfect addition to any craft stash.  We will be live at 8pm EDT! Hope to have you watch live! If you can't catch it live, no worries. The video will always be available to watch at the same link. WATCH AND CHAT HERE - PROJECT FILE: This project, and one for Iron On/Vinyl is available to all Patreons of $2 or more and can be found on the Supporter Projects page here on Find them in the Themes: NEW, and Happy/Encouragement. Don't forget you'll need the current password -

SUPPLIES: Cricut Machine - Arteza Watercolor Cards - Arteza Watercolor Postcards - Arteza Watercolors - Arteza Water Brushes - Press N Seal - Adhesive-Backed Deluxe Paper for Stencil -

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