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Beginners Guide to Design Space Pt. 2 & GIVEAWAY!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021


Who has questions about Cricut? We probably all do and I'm here to answer them for you. Remember our beginner's class last week? Well, there were a bunch of questions that I didn't have time to answer (in a 2 hour video) and I will be answering them today! Be sure to join in because I'll be letting you know how to enter to win my Giveaways (more about that below!)

Class starts at 11am ET.

Watch and chat here -

If you missed last weeks video, here's a link -


GIVEAWAY TIME! TWO Cricut Paper Bundle Giveaways!

I'll be showing you how to enter to win during today's live Design Space class! I'm giving away two different Cricut paper bundles, each worth $230.

Today's video starts at 11am ET. Here's a link -

Don't worry if you can't make it to the live video, you'll be able to watch and see how to enter once the video is over.

- Thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this giveaway - U.S. & Canada only

Supporter Hangout TODAY!

I have a monthly hangout for all of my supporters to watch and chat! This is a time for us to chat, show projects, get ideas, and get to know the community. All of my supporters get to watch and live chat. Supporters of $5 or more on Patreon get to join IN video with me via Zoom. If you're a supporter, here's the link to the post with the exclusive video link

If you're not a support yet, here's a link to join the community -

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