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Bohemian Beauty Mystery Box Released!

Bohemian Beauty Mystery Box Released! Wisteria Cutie Included!


🇨🇦CA BUY HERE - Watch Reveal Video -

If the links above don't work, use the links below: U.S. Buy here - CA Buy here -

Only available to Access members! If you're not an Access member yet, join here: U.S. join here - Canada join here -

(using the links above help support Melody's page!)

Thank you so much to Carole Prevost for the awesome photos!

Even with Melody MIA, she didn't want you to miss out this adorable Mystery Box! For those who don't know, Melody is in the hospital with COVID and pneumonia. She has been so thankful for all the love and support you all have been sending to her! She loves you! - Kali and Holly

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