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Create a Card from Design to Finish - Cricut Card Challenge

Have you seen my card challenge in my Cricut Design Space Facebook group? If not, here's a link -

I created a card challenge to inspire you all to create! I am starting with an easy one, hopefully to get some new people started crafting. Each month it will be different and maybe more difficult.

During this video I'll be talking about the challenge, challenging YOU, and showing you how to make cards with our Cricut!

I'll be going from design-to-finish so you'll know all the steps you need to create something amazing! We'll be choosing the design in Cricut Design Space, editing it, cutting it out, and putting it together.

Live tomorrow at 12pm ET!

Watch and chat here -


I'll be adding the file to after the video is live. All of my supporters on will have access to the project and over 1,000 others!


Possibly some other stuff! Depends on what we make!

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