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CreateRoom DreamBox Review & Info | Discount Codes | Organize Your Craftroom | Melody Lane

Updated: May 19, 2021

The CreateRoom DreamBox

My DreamBox became a part of my CraftRoom in November 2019 and I still can't believe how much I love it. My CraftRoom stays the most organized it's ever been because of this magical thing. I hope all this information helps you discover your love for the CreateRoom DreamBox.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or use the Contact Me form at the bottom of the page. I included some coupon codes for you to enjoy some savings! Also, I appreciate you using my affiliate links to shop for your CraftRoom. I get a small commission without costing you a penny - thank you!

Shop through these links and use the discount code for your part of the world to save on your new dream CraftRoom accessory.

U.S. - —> Use code HAPPY for $100 off your DreamBox!

Canada - —> Use Code HAPPYCA for $100 off your DreamBox!

Have more time to create

Having a DreamBox keeps my crafting supplies organized, easy to find, and looking pretty. With this dreamy accessory in my CraftRoom, I save a lot of time searching for products and it gives me more time to actually create! I used to spend so much time searching through my, usually messy, CraftRoom to find my materials and it would take away from my actual creating time. Now that I have my DreamBox with all the compartments, and ways to customize and label, I'm always able to find what I'm looking for! AND, if you keep your DreamBox closed, opening up your craft space would take less than 50 seconds. Love what CreateRoom says about it,

"Hide your treasures. In view. In reach. In seconds."

Save money and revive hidden materials

I think it's safe to say that most of us creatives have supplies we haven't touched in years. Out of sight, out of mind. Something the DreamBox has helped me with is having supplies I love, but always forget I have, in sight so I use them more. I can't count how many times I've used something from years ago because it was nicely organized and displayed in my DreamBox. It also helps me to know what I have so I don't double buy things I don't need. This helps me not to waste my products (money) and inspires me to create with materials I wasn't planning on using or forgot I had.

Stand-out, unique features

The DreamBox has many useful and creative features, some of which are add-ons. Here's a few:

  • 85,000 cubic inches of storage (wow)

  • Clear storage totes

  • InView tote racks

  • Utility rods and hooks

  • Machine storage

  • Add on Drawers

  • Standing height table

  • Add on side-tables

  • Wrap around environment

  • LED light in crown

Color Options

CreateRoom understands not everyone has the same taste, so they have multiple design finishes of the DreamBox! You can use any of my link to build your DreamBox with the design and add-ons you would like. Here's the design options:

  • Ergo

  • NEW! Modern White Shaker

  • Farmhouse Grey

Tight on CraftRoom real estate?

Don't have a designated Craftroom and think this thing looks way to big to be your crafting paradise? Think again!

One of the amazing things about the DreamBox is that once it's closed up, it looks like a beautiful, high-end piece of furniture (because it is). Turn your CraftRoom back into your living room in seconds - no more complaining from your husband about your craft supplies taking over the whole room. Here are the dimensions of the Box open and closed.

Worth the $$$? Payment plan?

DreamBoxes are on the pricey side, but I 100% believe in this product and think it's worth every penny. CreateRoom understands everyone wants to get in on the fun of a DreamBox and has a great payment plan option. You can pay for your order over 6, 12, 24, or 36 months with competitive interest rates as low as 0% APR. There are also no prepayment penalties. You can easily check your rate without affecting your credit score with CreateRoom's quick and easy application.

Delivery process

When it comes to delivery, CreateRoom makes the process easy peasy for you. Your DreamBox is custom crafted in their warehouse and once it's ready, CreateRoom will send you a tracking number. The Box will arrive at a delivery hub and once it does, you'll be contacted to schedule a curbside delivery. So you don't have to look out the window every 20 minutes wondering when your magical box will arrive. As it says below, you'll need to have a friend or two to help you bring it inside as it is a curbside delivery.

DIY or Pre-Built - worth the extra $$$?

There are two options when it comes to how you get your DreamBox delivered.

DIY or Pre-Built. I know we all pride ourselves in being DIY masters, but this is a time when I HIGHLY recommend the Pre-Built service if you can afford to add the service. The amount of time and work it saves is so worth the cost. Pre-Built arrives in 3 pieces and is a breeze to put together compared to up to 10 hours you'd spend doing it DIY.

See the DreamBox in action

Want to see the DreamBox in action? I've got lots of videos about the DreamBox on my YouTube channel. From delivery, to set up, to organizing, to decorating. Check out the videos here -

Additional pieces - DreamCart

They also have some other amazing other pieces to add to your Craftroom! They have the DreamCart! The DreamCart is an awesome piece you can use stand alone, or with your DreamBox. Check out all that countertop space for creating! The leaf tables are a neat feature so you can close them up when you're not using them. Here's some of the cool features:

  • Two table leafs

  • Sturdy caster wheels for easy movement

  • 13 InView™ Totes (DreamBox totes)

  • Latch system to lock to DreamBox

See more details and buy your DreamCart here -

Sew Station

And then there's the Sew Station! You can hold all your go to sewing materials and machine in this amazing cart! When the Sew Station is latched on to the DreamBox, you'll have a great work area. You'll have 3,940 sq. inches of L-shaped table space. Yes, please! I love that the CreateRoom products have wheels so you can scoot them around your CraftRoom! Here's the some of the listed features of the Sew Station:

  • Electric lifter to stow machine away

  • Recessed machine position

  • Two table leafs for a large workspace

  • Caster wheels for easy movement

See more details and buy your Sew Station here -

Ready to build your DreamBox

Shop through these links and use the discount code for your part of the world to save on your new dream CraftRoom accessory.

U.S. - —> Use code HAPPY for $100 off your DreamBox!

Canada - —> Use Code HAPPYCA for $100 off your DreamBox!

Europe/UK - —> Use Code HAPPYEU for $100 off your DreamBox!

Even though over 98% of DreamBox owners LOVE their DreamBox, CreateRoom has a 24-month warranty, money back guarantee, and a unique patented design.

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