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Cricut Countdown Calendar Part 2!

Part 2 is here! I'll be live at 8pm ET to show you how to put together the last step of this Countdown Calendar!

This countdown can be used for other occasions. Such as counting down to vacation, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, retirement. Really anything anyone is excited about! You can use non-themed paper to keep same box and switch out signs as we make more.

Watch and chat here -

I used 2mm Chipboard for the light brown. I used Pattern Cardstock for the white and for the off white, I used white to match my pattern cardstock. You could use the same paper if you'd like, just sync the colors. The dark brown should match the inside of the box.

If you don't have a Maker or knife blade for the chipboard, you could try kraftboard. It just wont be as sturdy but I think it would work. You would need to adjust for a smaller line hole for the sign behind hexagons or add to bottom of sign to make it thicker, or don't have one in back.

The sign is set to Print then cut for the back piece. I used sparkle paper for the red and foil adhesive for the words.

I added a Christmas tree that is not print then cut to the Christmas sign. You can choose the sleigh or tree.


Chipboard - or Kraftboard -

Vinyl - or Foil Adhesive -

There are other optional supplies you can use


Projects are here on on the Supporter Projects tab and can be accessed by supporters on

There are 3 files needed to make this Project

- Polyhedron Dice 12 sided - Part 1 of Countdown Calendar

- Polyhedron Dice Stand - Part 2 of Countdown Calendar

- Christmas Sign for Polyhedron dice stand Countdown Calendar - Part 3

Project Type: 3D Projects Project Theme: Christmas, New - search, Dice and you'll find them all!

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