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Cricut Cutie Hot Air Balloon!

Check out these DIY Hot Air Balloons with Cricut! They even hold a Cricut Cutie! Video is tomorrow night at 8pm ET! Watch and chat here -

Alex and I will be creating along side each other creating our own Hot Air Balloons. He will be making a huge one made out of 24"x24" paper! The ones in the photo, and the one I'll be making are made with 12"x12" paper! Only have the Joy? No worries. I made a few for the Joy too! They'll have Joy in the name here on

There are two styles of the Hot Air Ballon. Type 1 is a little less uniform than 2. The purple, gold, and green one is a Type 1. Type 1 has multi colors for the base layer. Type 2 is more uniform because it's one color for the base layer. There's a version for each for the Joy and they will turn out the same size as they will for larger machines.

Please cut out in advance! I'll be teaching Alex as we go so you could follow along as well. If he has any questions about putting it together for the first time, you'll probably have similar questions so it'll help you.

The Hot Air Balloons are not hard to make, just a little time consuming but very fun to make. I've made three of them and figured out the easiest way for you to make yours. PROJECT FILE: Like I said, these files are made out of completely free shapes! Free for all supporters to use! The files are all on under the Supporter Projects tab. Like always, you'll need the current password which can be found at this link - These files are under the Type: 3D Projects and the Themes: All Occasions, New, and Cricut Cutie. SUPPLIES: Cricut - Cardstock - Glue - 1/8" Hole Punch - Bakers twine

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