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Cricut Interactive Maze Card [video]

It's time for an A-MAZE-ING Thursday night live...sorry, I had to do it. Lol Alex and I will be live tonight to share this cool interactive card with you. This is made out of Kraftboard so Explores and Makers can both make it. This is a card you need to watch the tutorial before you cut it/make it so I won't be adding the files to my webiste, until after our video tonight. As always, you can customize the sentiment/picture and change the cardstock to match the look you're going for. I think these would be great to add to Easter baskets, and so much more! I'll be asking what ideas you have during the video tonight so watch the video for more ideas!

Live at 8pm ET tonight! Watch and chat here -

PROJECT FILE: Like I said above, I won't be adding the files to until the video is over because it's suggested you watch the video first. But once I add them, they will be on the supporter projects tab under the Type: Interactive Cards and the Themes: New, All Occasions. Current password can be found by supporters at this link - SUPPLIES: Cricut - Kraftboard - Cardstock - Glue - Pens - Acetate - 3/32" Ball Bearings - Tweezers are helpful if you've got em! (thank you for choosing to shop through the links I share. I get a small commission that doesn't cost you a penny)

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