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Cricut Penguin Shaped Card!

Happy Tuesday! Today is going to be a penguin shaped card. I'll be going live at my normal 12pm ET.

This is the penguin we used in my monthly crop but I did edit it to be a shaped card. I used Corrugated Cardstock for the black piece and I really like the dimension it gave. 

Watch and chat here -

If you can't make it live, no worries. My videos are always available after the live time. Watching live is just more fun.

PROJECT FILE:  File can be found here on under the Supporter Projects tab. Don't forget you'll need the current password to access the projects. Patreon supporters of $2 or more can access the password at this link - don't forget to be signed into Patreon when getting the password. Project can be found under the Types: New and Shaped Cards and Themes: Winter and Christmas.


Cricut machine -

Art Glitter Glue -

Paper -

Optional supplies:

Corrugated Cardstock -

Glitter Paper -

Foil Embossed Paper -

Small PomPoms -

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