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Cricut Q&A & Supporter Hangout

There's always something new we can learn in Design Space and I'm here to answer all of your questions along the way! You can always watch the replay of my videos, but watching live is even better because you can ask questions while you're watching and you'll get my answer right away.

I'll be live at 11am ET

Watch and chat here -

Hangout with me!

Let's hangout! This is a monthly perk for all of my supporters! This is a time when we get to hangout, chat, talk about projects we're working on, and get some inspiration from each other. If you're a supporter, here's the links to the exclusive video link: Patreon - Facebook - Youtube -

Supporters on Patreon of $5+ get to join IN video with me via zoom! Join the Patreon community here -

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