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Cricut Stackable Mugs - Snowman from Start to Finish

Happy Thursday! I've got a fun project for tonight! I'll be using the stackable mugs from Cricut, Infusible Ink, and the Mug Press to make a Snowman! Each mug has a layer of the design so once you stack them, you'll see the Snowman!

The file is made for the Cricut 10oz stackable mugs - perfect for hot chocolate!

Watch and chat here - I'll be live at 8pm ET, but don't forget to get there early to start live chatting!

There's two options in this file! I designed the darker one first. I like it, but the snowman is in the middle, meaning to see him, the handles will be in the back and not visible at the same time as the snowman.

So for the second one, I used the same snowman, put him to the side, and added snowflakes.

Because these are just snowman, they work for all winer long! All the way through the middle of march and not just for Christmas. That makes this a great gift that lasts longer than just a Christmas mug.

AND this is the perfect time to buy your mugs! The stackable mugs are in stock and 50% off and another 20% off with my code! If you have premium Access, you get another 20% off along with the Infusible Ink!


This file is on on the Supporter Projects tab. The file is under the Type: Mugs and the Theme: New, Winter, and Christmas. Supporters on can access my projects for only $2 monthly!


Cricut -

Infusible Ink - (I plan to use the blue sheet from the Rainbow pack.)

Mug Press -

Mugs -

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