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Cricut Valentine's Day Mailbox Card [video]

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I've got a Valentine's Mailbox Card for you! You might remember my other mailbox cards (you can see them on my website), they were a hit! This would be perfect to send to a friend or loved one. I'll be making the Valentine's card, but there's also a blank, a floral, a fall, and some other ones for you to check on my site. Join in the video to see how to make the card!

Video starts at 12pm ET

Watch and chat here -


The file can be found with all my other files here on under the Supporter Projects tab. Type: Box Cards Themes: New and Valentine's Day. You can search, Mail to find all the mailbox cards including the envelope for it. Don't forget you'll need the current password. Here's a link for supporters to find the current password -


Cricut -

Cardstock -

Art Glitter Glue -

Pens -

Score tool -

Perforation tool (optional) -


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