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December Monthly Virtual Crop

Our Virtual Crop is coming up! Our monthly crop is set for Tuesday, December 22nd at 8pm ET.

My monthly Virtual Crops are for all my Patreon supporters of $5 or more.

If you're already a Patreon $5+ member,

I hope you're able to join in, we have a lot of fun! Check out to join the community, get access to my Monthly Virtual Crops and other awesome perks.

Now, here's the info on this months Virtual Crop!


Pop Up Birthday Cake card! I'll be using an embossing machine on the cake pieces but that is optional. I'm going to use holographic sparkle vinyl for the candles flames.

The project file is shared with supporters here on under the Supporter Projects tab.


Holographic Sparkle Vinyl -

Art Glitter Glue -

Embossing machine (optional)


  1. Raise hand when needing to talk, unless there are times when it’s allowed to speak out 1 at a time.

  2. Feel free to chat in the chat section to everyone or privately to specific people.

  3. Feel free to ask questions in the chat.

  4. Keep yourself muted unless you are talking, there are a lot of people here and even the noise of crafting can be loud in the mic.

  5. No selling. Do not try to sell anything, do not talk about products you sell. Do not talk other virtual crops.

  6. Have fun! We only have a short time together.

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