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Did you Know about the "New" Theme?!

Hey everyone! I hope you've been enjoying your holiday season. I wanted to remind everyone about one of the Supporter Project Themes here on! I have one called, New and it has all my most recent files in one place. All you have to do is click on the Supporter Projects tab of this website. You'll be prompted to put in the current password, that is shared with Patreon supporters at this link - Once the password is put in, you'll be able to filter by Type or Theme. New is under Themes. I update it every time I create a new project and take projects out when they're no longer "new". All 2020 Projects! Also, if you're wanting some inspiration for the new year, here's a playlist with all the projects that I created and did videos for in 2020. Melody Lane Inspired Projects 2020 -

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