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DreamBox Coupon & HUGE SAVINGS! Up to $1,000!

Save up to $1,000 during the Black Friday deals from CreateRoom. I'm going live on Friday at 12:30pm ET to give sale details and answer your questions about the DreamBox. The sale goes live at 1pm ET and the first 100 people who order their DreamBox get a free gift!

Watch and chat here -



U.S. -

Canada -


  • Save $300 on your DreamBox

And then get access to these savings:

  • Save $100 on the crown w/light

  • Save $100 on each: Side Tables, DreamCart, Sew Station

  • 10% off Accessories with the purchase of a DreamBox

  • Save $200 on the pre-built feature (recommended)

Already own a DreamBox? Check out these discounts:

  • 20% off accessories (including side tables)

  • $75 off Sew Station / DreamCart

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