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DreamBox Summer Sale!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

You get EARLY ACCESS to the sale! Sale starts at 2pm EDT!

Going live at 2pm EDT to explain the sale and show you how cool the DreamBox is!

Up to $865 in savings!
  • Save $200 on your DreamBox! Use code: HAPPY865

  • Up to 20% off Sew Station, DreamCart, & Side tables with purchase of a DreamBox or 15% off purchased separately! Use code: HAPPY15

  • Get your DreamBox pre-built for $200 off! (I did this and 100% recommend it.)

  • FREE Crafter Caddy for the first 100 orders!

Any Canadians out there want a DreamBox? Check out these coupon codes!

HAPPYSUMMER $200 off your DreamBox and 15% off Dream Cart and side tables with the purchase of a DreamBox.

HAPPYSUMMER15 15% off DreamCart and side tables without the purchase of a DreamBox.

If you watch my videos, you know I'm obsessed with my DreamBox! If you'd like to see my previous videos on the DreamBox, here's a link to the playlist -

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