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Easy Cricut Butterfly Encouragement Card for Joy and other Cricut Machines

First project video of the year! Who's excited?! These are nice and easy cards for everyone to make. I have 4 files, two of them are blank, one is for Joy and one is for larger machines. I will be putting together the one for the larger machines and then cutting and putting together the one for the Joy, start to finish.

Live at 12pm ET today. See you soon!

Watch and chat here -


These project files can be found here on my site, These are under the Themes: New, happy/encourage, and butterflies. Type is insert cards. You'll be prompted to put in the secret password once you click on the supporter projects tab of the website. Just a reminder that I'll be changing the password today. Patreons can find the new one at this post -


Cricut -

Paper -

Art Glitter Glue -

Card Mat for Joy -


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