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February Virtual Crop!

All of my Patreon Supporters of $5 or more are invited to join in our monthly Virtual Crop!

February's monthly crop is February 23rd at 8pm ET!

Supporters join in via a Zoom link that has been shared with them on check out Patreon to see all the other benefits of joining the community! WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON: We're going to be making these Pop Out Flowers Cards! The sentiment that's on it right now is Mother's Day, but you can always change it to whatever sentiment you'd like. These cards are just too pretty not to make and I love sharing them with people. This card is guaranteed to bring a smile to whoever receives it.

As always, the project is here on under the Supporter Projects tab and can be accessed by all of my supporters using the current password. There's over 900 projects for supporters to use :)

SUPPLIES: Cricut - Cardstock - Glue - Pens - Copy paper for flowers Ink or watercolors or markers for the center of the flowers

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