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Flower Box Toppers with Cricut

Happy Tuesday! This is the last Tuesday video of the 2021!

I'll be showing you how to make toppers for the boxes we made the other day.

There's four new files. Each file includes the Hexagon Box and a topper! You could always just make the topper and put it on a different box or a different type of project.

Going live at 12pm ET!

Watch and chat here -

I'll be showing you how to put together the toppers in this video - not the boxes. If you missed last week's video of how to put the boxes together, here's a link -


These projects can be found on on the Supporter Projects tab. The Type is: Boxes the Themes are: New, Floral, and All Occasions.

The password to access my projects is shared with my community

The names of the projects are Hexagon Gift Box Hibiscus, Hexagon Gift Box Daisy, Hexagon Gift Box SunFlower, and Hexagon Gift Box Mum.


Cricut -

Cardstock -

Glue -

Reversible Tweezers for Mums -

Markers - I use Arteza Everblend Markers but you can use whatever markers you'd like

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