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How to Make a Mug Box with Cricut

Happy Tuesday! Anyone else still amazed by the possibilities of the Mug Press?! I'm just so obsessed with it. During today's video I'll be showing you how to make a box for your mug! The original design is in Design Space and I altered it to include acetate on the sides so it's nice and sealed up. This box (with a mug in it) would be perfect as a gift! These boxes are super easy to make and customize to fit the style of the person receiving it. I'm using mosaic vinyl but you can use vinyl or iron on or whatever you'd like. These mug boxes only fit the 12oz mugs. The 15oz mugs come with a giftbox. I'll be live at 12pm ET, hope you can make it. Watch and chat here - PROJECT FILE: The original one is in Design Space and the one that I altered is on on the Supporter Projects tab under the Type: Mugs and Themes: New and All Occasions. You'll be prompted to put in the current password once you click on Supporter Projects. The current password can be found my supporters at this link -

SUPPLIES: Cricut - Cardstock - Glue - Acetate - Vinyl -

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