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Infusible Ink on New Raglan

Guess what! There's brand new Cricut Raglan Shirts for Infusible Ink! I'll be using a fun, sarcastic image from Design Space on a Raglan shirt during tonight's video! I'll be doing this project from start to finish. From finding an image, sizing it, cutting it, weeding it, and finishing it on the new shirts,

Have you tried Infusible Ink yet? A lot say it can be intimidating, but it's really a lot of fun and not complicated. All you need is to watch some good tutorials and ask questions if you need to. That's why I'm here!

I'll be going live at 8pm ET tonight!

Watch and chat here -

Good news, Infusible Ink is 50% off right now! Now is a great time to stock up or try some out if you haven't yet.


Infusible Ink -

Interactive Heat Guide -

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