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Join in my 50th Birthday Celebration! (tonight's announcement)

Did you see my announcement video from tonight?!

My 50th Birthday is coming up and I want everyone to be included in my celebration. Back in December Alex and I wanted to do some random acts of kindness. We decided to pass out gift cards out at Hobby Lobby and it was just the best day! An awesome way to spread joy and positivity!

SO, to celebrate my Birthday, I want to do it again! But on a MUCH bigger scale! Together we can share even MORE JOY! I will be using $500 of my money to put towards more gift cards to pass out and I want to invite YOU to share the joy! 100% of the money will go towards GIVING gift cards to shoppers (I will not get any of it. I'm already getting what I want for my Birthday, a happy heart!)


I wanted to give you the option to donate any amount you're comfortable with (no minimum or maximum) so you can help spread joy too! You do NOT have to give! I never want to put anyone in a bad financial situation. As I said above, I will not get any of the money for my personal use. I will be putting 100% of the donations to buying gift cards!


Sign into your PayPal account and send your donations to my email and send as "friends and family". If that doesn't work for you, you can use this link - Or if you prefer Venmo @Melodylane815 I will be releasing a video sharing footage of the day I hand out cards and will have a list at the end of the video with the names of people who donated. If you'd like to be anonymous, please leave a note saying so.

*The cut off date is March 21st.*

I will uploading the video on my Birthday, April 4th which is also Easter!

A little story: one of the awesome people in our community said she was following along the December post and she was in the best mood. Her husband even asked her what she was so happy about. She said that even though she wasn't there, our random acts of kindness was bringing her so much joy! I LOVE that! My favorite part of this community is the positivity and joy we all share!

How this all started:

Tonight's announcement video -

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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