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Kite Shaped Cards! Crop Reminder! TONIGHT!

T-minus 2.5 hours until we create these Kite Shaped Cards. Super cute, customizable, and easy! Who are you planning on making one for?

Video starts at the usual 12pm EDT! Here's a link to watch and chat -

Watching live is always more fun, but no worries if you can't make it! The video will always be available for everyone to watch after it's live and at the same link!


There's two Kite Shaped cards that can be found on here The names of the files are, Kite Shaped Birthday Card and Kite Shaped Card Blank. These can be found under the Supporter Projects tab under the Type: Shaped Cards or easier to find by searching, Kite. Reminder that you'll need to use the current password to access the Supporter Projects tab, here's a link to the password for Patreons -

***Because of the glitch, open in the browser version, customize like you want and SAVE, you can then cut from the desktop app***


Cricut machine -

Cardstock -

Art Glitter Glue -

Bakers twin and 1/8 inch ribbon - wider ribbon won't really work.


If you haven't registered yet, go for it! I'd love to have you join in! This is for our supporters of $5 or more here on Patreon. I had people join last month JUST because they heard about the crop. Tonight will be our second crop and I am way excited! See you tonight at 8pm EDT!

Here's the link to get the registration link -

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