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Large Paper Roses!


Because Melody isn't available to create and share new projects for you, she wants us to share some oldies for you!

I know a lot of you love these paper roses! I wanted to reshare so the newbies can see and to remind you about them if you've already seen them :)

These would be amazing to decorate your craft room (what Melody has done), for a photo backdrop, for weddings, for decorating a school class room, the possibilities are endless!

Watch here -

This video is from 2017.


This file and tons of other large paper flower files can be found here on on the Supporter Projects tab. The Type is: Paper Flowers!

Just a reminder Melody shares the secret password to access her projects to her community! It's only $2 a month or $21 annually for over 1,100 projects!


Cricut -

Cardstock -

Glue Gun -

Bone Folder -

Glue Gun Holder -

Pen or Pencil

Small Water Bottle

Twine or String

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