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Let's Created a Pinterest Inspired Cricut Project + Cricut Cutie Giveaway! [video]

I'M GIVING AWAY A CUTIE! I'm giving away a Cutie live during the video, so be sure to be signed into your YouTube account and able to comment live on the video.

I will be going live at 11am ET today with our monthly, free, Cricut Design Space class focused on designing Pinterest inspired projects! We've all done it...You see a project you love on Pinterest and want to make one yourself. Well, during these classes, I teach you how you can use the wonder that is Design Space and create something amazing! I hope you're able to join in!

Starts at 11am ET!

Watch and chat here -


If you're new around here, or missed it, I recently started doing monthly bonus videos on my channel! My supporters on Patreon and YouTube are able to exclusively live chat during the video, but don't worry if you're not a supporter, everyone can watch and listen! BUT, if you'd like to be able to chat live during the video (and get a bunch of other perks) check out my Patreon page and perks for supporting my YouTube channel. Patreon - YouTube - You are not required to do this and you don't need to support on both platforms if you don't want to. Watch and chat here at 12:30 pm ET -

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