LOWEST PRICE OF THE CRICUT JOY! Plus, Save $100 on Cricut Maker!

Wow, um, YES PLEASE! If you've been wanting a Joy or another Joy, now is the time! You can't beat $125.99 with Cricut Access! Without Access it's still an amazing price - $139.99. Shop for your Joy here - http://shrsl.com/24q4f

Canadians shop here - http://shrsl.com/2wfpz

Not only is the Joy on sale, you get $100 off the Maker machines! Only $269.99 with an Access membership. Shop here - http://shrsl.com/1wphb

You also get Joy materials for 30% off! Use my coupon code MelodyLane for free shipping and an additional 10% off! Can be used on orders with a subtotal of $50 or more and can't be used on machines. Shop Joy materials - http://shrsl.com/2iimy

Not an Access member yet and want to save 10% on your machines and get a bunch of other perks? Check it out here: U.S. Access - http://shrsl.com/2k9v2Canadian Access - http://shrsl.com/2k9zx

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