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Merry Christmas! Let's Craft Together!

Merry Christmas! This year has flown by and I'm excited to see where the next one takes us! If you'd like to the projects we made together this year, here's a link to the playlist -

24/7 Zoom! If you didn't already know, I have a Zoom that is running 24/7 where all of my supporters can join in with other crafters to talk and chat while they're crafting. We have a lot of fun in there and it's nice to have company while crafting sometimes. If you're alone this weekend, join in the Zoom and wait for people to join. Or feel free to post in the Patreon group to let others know you're joining in. Here's a link to join my supporter community -

December Virtual Crop!

Our Virtual Crop is this Tuesday! All Patreons of $5+ get this as a perk for their supporter! If you're a supporter, you can find the info here - I'll be sharing the Zoom link on Saturday to supporters of $5+

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