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More Signs for Dice Countdown Calendar!

Happy Thursday!

I'll be live at 8pm ET tonight to make more signs for our countdown calendar from last week. I did part 1 and 2 last week and tonight's video is part 3! You'll need to watch the video for the dice and the stand before making your project!

I'll be making more signs for different occasions. Halloween, Birthday, Vacation, Retirement, and Disney. The Disney one is not included in Access and will cost $1.99 to create. You purchase the image from Cricut, not me and you'll have the image forever.

Watch and chat here -

If you missed last weeks videos, here's the links:


This project and over 1,000 other are here on on the Supporter Projects tab and available to all Patreons! Join the Patreon community here - the Type is 3D and Themes are: New, Halloween, Vacation, Retirement, and Disney.


Glitter Cardstock -

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