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Need Help Design Space? I've go the Answers! & GIVEAWAY!

If you're needing some help in Design Space or have questions, I've got you covered. I love being able to answer your questions and share my tips and tricks for Design Space! Invite a crafty friend and I'll see you 11am ET!

Watch and chat here -

Supporter Hangout!

It's time for our monthly supporter hangout! I do a hangout video once a month as a perk for the people who support my channel. We chat, show recent projects, and just chat! Patreon supporters who support at $5+ get to join in video with me via zoom! The hangout starts at 12:30pm ET. If you're a supporter, here's the links to the videos: Patreon - Facebook - YouTube -


If you want to win a MugPress and Accessories valued over $300 (Grand Prize) AND win a prize valued at over $150 of Infusible Ink and blanks for a Friend (Second Prize), be sure to check out this link to see how to enter - Thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this giveaway!

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