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NEW CARD DESIGN! Butterfly Pinwheel Cards!

Happy Thursday! I really love how this project turned out!

I will be live tonight at 8pm ET! Watch here -

I was asked to make this file late on Tuesday night from some of you who've been crafting in the Daily Crafting Zoom and discovered a lot of these pinwheel cards have popped up on YouTube.

Let me know what you want to see more of because I plan on making more! I got the inspiration for this project from this website -

When cutting, I moved the butterflies of the same color to cut on the same mat. You can move them closer to fit the 4 extra butterflies on 1 mat. But WARNING: it took 1 hour to draw the butterflies and then 10 minutes to cut. If you have more than 1 machine, this is the time to use it. You can detach the writing to change what it says and just click on text to change font or what it says, this is a free font by Cricut.


These files are able to be found here on on the Supporter Projects tab. The Type is: PinWheel and themes: New, Thinking of You, Butterfly. Supporters get access to all of my projects for only $2 a month -

I also created an envelope to fit. It's under the Type: envelope and is 7.5"x9"


Cricut -

Cardstock -

Pen -

Art Glitter Glue -

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