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New Cricut Images 9/3/21

Cricut has brand new images for you! Cricut has over 150,000 images for you to use to create awesome projects! Cricut is also great at listening to what their community wants to see in Design Space and is always adding new ones.

If you're not a Cricut Access member yet, be sure to check out the links below!

I'll be live at 4pm ET to show you all the recently added images!

Watch and chat here -

DON'T FORGET this video can be watched by everyone but only commented on by supporters. All of my youtube supporters of $.99+ can comment directly on the video and all of you Patreons can comment in our Facebook group where the video will also be live. You're welcome to join the youtube community for $.99 if you'd like. You'd have access to comment on the video itself as well as use emojis and stickers during my videos. Here's a link -

Join Patreon here -

If you're not an Access member yet, here's the links to check it out:

U.S. join here -

Canada join here -

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