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No Class Today. Send Love and Prayers to Melody

Hi everyone, this is Kali, Melody's Assistant. As many of you know, Melody is in a Las Vegas hospital with COVID and Pneumonia.

Melody loves all of you and wants to keep you up to date with how she's doing. She was admitted on Wednesday and has been on oxygen since she's been there.

She's in good spirits, you know how positive Melody is, and is SO thankful for all the amazing support, love, and prayers you all have been sending.

We aren't aware of how long she'll be admitted or when she will be back with her regular live videos, but know that she misses you and is excited to get back to it once her body is recovered and rested.

For those asking, Alex is also sick with COVID, but is doing better after medication and was not admitted to the hospital.

No pressure at all, but if you'd like to send her a card for her to open when she gets home, I know she would love that! Shhhh, don't tell her I told you :) Here's the mailing address: 7759 SE 168th Lone Oak Loop The Villages, FL 32162

If you'd like to watch some Design Space classes from last year, Here's a link to the playlist - Feel free to send to a friend to inspire them too!

Mystery Boxes

Just a heads up that we will still be sending out information and posting a video for future Mystery Boxes even with Melody unavailable.

We'll send out an email, share on facebook, Melody's website, and upload a YouTube video to her channel so be sure to subscribe -

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