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November Virtual Crop

Time to register for our monthly crop for this month!

November's Crop is November 24th at 8pm ET. What's a Virtual Crop? We hangout, create projects together, do a game, and possibly win a giveaway! We meet for our Virtual Crop via Zoom. This is a free benefit to everyone who supports my channel on for $5 or more.

If you're already a supporter, register here -

If you're not supporting yet, check out my Patreon page to see the rest of the benefits and to join! Here's a link to my page -

What we're working on:

Candy Box Cards! There's seven different cards: blank, friend, teacher, Birthday, Valentine's, Halloween, and Winter. I have one video for all the cards from years ago, I've updated the cards bit since then but it still works. Video is linked below. I'll be doing the Birthday and Friends card during the Crop. Everyone is welcome to make whatever ones they'd like. People are also welcome to make whatever they'd like, it's just fun to work on the same project.

Here's the video from years ago putting the card together -

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