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Nutcracker Lantern

Happy Monday! I'll be live tomorrow to show you how to create this Nutcracker Lantern!

Once you cut it out, there are pieces stuck to the mat so you'll need to glue on to the vellum. Or, if you look in the layers panel, you can cut with vinyl so you don't have to work with small pieces.

There's also an option to just do the Nutcracker on all 4 sides. You'll have to unhide and duplicate from the layers panel. I think these would be pretty made with different colors.

Watch and chat here -


This project can be found on my website under the Type 3D Projects and the Themes, New and Christmas. My supporter family can access my projects! Join the supporter projects here -


Markers - You can use any, I'm using red, green, and yellow/gold Everblend Markers from Arteza.

Batteries for Lights -

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