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Offset and Project Folders | NEW Features in Cricut Design Space | Melody Lane [video]

GUESS WHAT?! There's NEW features in Design Space! Guess what's coming soon?.... OFFSET! This is a super desired featured that lots have asked for. Once again, Cricut came through! Not only is the Offset feature on it's way, but we are also getting PROJECT FOLDERS!You'll be able to organize your awesome Cricut projects into folders....YAY! I'll be going over all the details and answering your questions during today's LIVE Design Space class! Be sure to join in and share the link with a friend to share the excitement!

Watch and chat here -

March Mystery Boxes?

As you might've noticed. I'm not allowed to send out emails or create reveal videos for the March Mystery Boxes - no one is. Cricut wants it to be a total surprise for everyone. I hope you've been able to one or some of the ones released. Good luck!

Did you see?!

The Mug Press is here and is taking the crafting world by storm! The Mug Press is already a huge hit....Have you ordered yours yet?

MugPress! $179.99 with Cricut Access USA - Canada - I created a free Facebook for all things Cricut Mug Press! Join here - Check out all my videos about the Mug Press -

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