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Paper Shark Puppet with Cricut!

Happy July!! GUYS! I can't get over how cute these shark puppets are! We created them during out Pinterest Inspired class last Saturday. I've got one for the Joy too! These are seriously so fun to make! I'l have it all cut out and will be putting it together live during tonight's video. I will be live at 8pm ET. Watch and chat here - PROJECT FILE: (all of my projects are accessible to Supporters! There's a file for Shark Puppets Couple and one for Shark Puppets Family. And there's some for the Joy Too! All the files have them with the option for print then cut and draw, and one with layers. You can hide whichever one you don't want to cut. The files are here on on the supporter projects tab. Projects are under the Type 3D Projects and Themes: New, Beach, and All Occasions. Searching Shark will be the easiest way to find them.

SUPPLIES: Cricut - Cardstock - Glue - Arteza Everblend Markers -

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