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Pinterest Inspired Design Space Class & Cricut Flash Sale!

Pinterest Inspired Design Space Class!

Anybody else love Pinterest Inspired classes? I sure do! During Pinterest inspired classes we find some project inspo and use Design Space to design our own version using the features in Design Space. This class is friendly for all levels of creators! Invite a crafty friend and let's get creating! Live at 11am ET! Watch and chat here -

Cricut Crafty Chat with Carole, Abby, Melody, and Rita!

Set your reminder for September 10th at 8pm ET! I am doing a chat with some of my crafty friends, Carole, Abby, and Rita! We will be chatting about how we got started with crafting and Cricut and a bunch of other stuff. Be sure to join in to chat! Set your reminder here -

Subscribe to their channels: Carole - Abby - Rita -


BIG SAVINGS HERE! Don't miss out! Plus, exclusive savings on Bulk for Access members! Save up to 70% off! Keep reading for info on how to save and for links! I did a video talking about the Flash Sale! Watch here -

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HOW TO SAVE UP TO 70% -Premium Access members get an additional 20% off materials -All Access members get 10% off EVERYTHING -Everyone can use my code, CUTIE to save an additional 10% and get free shipping on orders with a subtotal of $50+ -Thank you for supporting my channel and giveaways by shopping though my links.

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